Boy and abuse

Sexually and physically abused foster care children and posttraumatic stress disorder.
AE Dubner, RW Motta - Journal of consulting and clinical …, 1999 - 
Abstract 1. Considerable debate exists regarding the possible relationship between child 
abuse and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In this study, 3 groups of foster care 
children were compared. The groups included 50 sexually abused, 50 physically abused,
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A multisite, randomized controlled trial for children with sexual abuse–related PTSD symptoms
JA Cohen, E Deblinger, AP Mannarino… - Journal of the American …, 2004 - Elsevier ... 
Referral sources included CPS, police, victim advocacy centers and child advocacy centers,
pediatric care providers, mental health care providers, and self ... In addition, children were required
to have a parent or other caretaker (including long-term foster parents) who was ... 
Mental health problems of children in foster care
JM Clausen, J Landsverk, W Ganger… - Journal of Child and …, 1998 - Springer ... Table 7 
displays the results of the Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales (VABS) for the San
Diego site, which was administered to foster parents of children age 0-18. ... However, this
parent/child Page 13. ... Children in foster care: A longitudinal investigation. 
Sexual abuse, another hidden pediatric problem: the 1977 C. Anderson Aldrich lecture
CH Kempe - Pediatrics, 1978 - Am Acad Pediatrics ... stranger, simple reassurance of the child 
and more massive reassurance of the parents are all that is required. ... We are increasingly 
seeing younger and younger children who require urgent care. ... involved in sexual abuse, 
and many of them experienced physical abuse as well. 
[BOOK][B] Understanding child sexual maltreatment
KC Faller, KC Faller - 1990 - ... sexual abuse with relevant examples, differentiates 
among types of sexually abusive relationships, and presents a theory for understanding why adults
sexually abuse children. ... The final section deals with sexual abuse in three contexts:
divorce cases, foster care, and day ... 
Sexual abuse as a precursor to prostitution and victimization among adolescent and adult homeless women
RL Simons, LB Whitbeck - Journal of Family Issues, 1991 - ... self-concept, in conjunction with other life circumstances, are seen as fostering participation in ...
types of violence had been directed toward them by a parent or foster parent. ... various measures
of family socioeconomic back- ground (eg, economic strain, parents' education, father's ... 
Reliable and fictitious accounts of sexual abuse to children
DPH Jones, JM McGraw - Journal of interpersonal Violence, 1987 - ... they had made 
this fictitious allegation in order to avoid being returned home from foster care. ...
the report in the child's need to provide emotional nurturance for his or her parent. ... symptoms of
PTSD should be approached with caution, because many nonabusive parents in incest ... 
Abuse of children in foster and residential care
GF Hobbs, CJ Hobbs, JM Wynne - Child abuse & neglect, 1999 - Elsevier ... 2% had been abandoned by parent(s ... of incidents took place in the home of relatives of the family
of origin, usually involved in kinship fostering. ... Children abused both physically and sexually were
abused by foster parents (8 cases), natural parents (3 cases), relatives of family of ...